Food for Thought! Our fussy kids are eating their way to sickness

DAILY TELEGRAPH - 27th August 2016

Here are a few market research facts stated in this article. "New market research by Suisse Kids from a survey of 1000 Australian mums found the majority of parents battle fussy eaters every day with more than half of parents feeding their children "junk food" just so that they would eat something."

It was found that 68% of children aged 2- 8 years and 59 % of children aged up to 12 years were fussy eaters. Dietician, Kate Di Prima is treating an increasing number of fussy eaters.

"We can't brush this under the mat because they're setting down their food choices and ways of eating which they will take into their adulthood if you don't get to the bottom of it," she said.

Paediatric speech pathologist Valerie Gent said fussy eaters could mask issues with a child's jaw and mouth movements. In private practice, probably about 65% of my case load would be fussy eaters."

'If you have a child that is only eating chicken nuggets and white bread, they aren't developing the complex muscles in their lips, jaw and tongue and won't be able to chew more complex food," she said. She said a combination of processed foods and busy families no longer sharing meals together gave rise to more fussy eaters.

At Taste Buddies Kitchen, we encourage children to taste and appreciate good foods, try new and exciting textures and flavours and explore new food adventures. "You may not like everything, but Taste Buddies Kitchen encourages children to taste and give it a go!" It is surprising how many children say "I hate beans, but I love these! "I hate fish but I love these fish cakes!" When they prepare and cook in our kitchen, children experience a new food adventure! They appreciate the fresh ingredients, prepare them with respect and cook them with new appreciation and wonder!